Barry had been at Camber Lodge for 10years : he was always happy there , he was always clean and well turned out . We found the home to be very clean and tidy at all times. Barry was encouraged to take interest in his surroundings. Barry used to go horse riding, swimming and help with the shopping. When it became apparent that Barry was not well, staff were second to none with his care. When we were told about Barry’s illness and he had to go in hospital, staff still cared for him
24/7, no question. When Our Barry came home back to Camber the care and professional way the staff cared for him was way beyond our expectations, we as a family can’t thank Lesley and her team enough,
With thanks from all the family

Bob and Barbara


Our son Luke has lived at Camber Lodge for the last ten years and it was the best thing we could have done for him. He has always been allowed the same freedom of movement he had at home and has a bedroom that he can access at all times. He is able to listen to his music, watch tv and play with his toys. He also has a wonderful sensory area that he uses on a daily basis. In his en-suite bathroom he has a whirlpool bath that he enjoys.

The staff are amazing . They are all so caring and soon learnt Luke’s form of communication. They also know when their intervention is required. Craft activities are enjoyed by all though Luke is more of a watcher than a doer but he is encouraged to do that. Luke loves to go out in the ‘bus’ and outings are a frequent part of the life of Camber Lodge.

We know we can turn up at anytime to visit Luke and he will be clean and well cared for. If they know we are coming to take Luke out he is always dressed in suitable clothing and a day bag is packed to meet his needs. We know Luke is happy there because he is always pleased to return when we have been out and waves us off when we leave.


Debbie has been living at Camber Lodge for several years now. She came there because our mother had Alzheimer’s and could no longer look after her, so a new, permanent home had to be found. We wanted one that would give Debbie as much independence as was possible, taking into consideration all of her needs. I can honestly say this has been the best place for her.
Debbie fitted into Camber Lodge, or I should say Camber Lodge fitted in with Debbie really quickly and far quicker than I thought would happen. She was made to feel at home instantly and has a lovely room of her own decorated to her taste.
Camber Lodge have supported not just Debbie but me and our family. They have been and continue to be very caring and loyal. The home is just that, a home, friendly and welcoming.
I have been very impressed with Lesley and her staff who are kind and professional. A welcome cup of tea or coffee is always on hand as is a listening ear. I could not imagine a better place for Debbie. I am very grateful for Camber Lodge.